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Available Features

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  • Calculate Sunrise/Sunset for any date and location in the world (use the iPhone location API to find the current position)
  • Determine the moon phase for any given date
  • Measure distances with the built in camera (1st Gen. iPhone only)
  • Use built in exposure presets to find the f-number / shutter / iso values for your camera
  • Use a picker to calculate exposure changes (f-number / shutter / iso) based on the reciprocity law
  • Calculate the Depth of Field (hyperfocal distance, near/far limit). Testdrive the calculator online.
  • DoF displays percentage in front and behind of subject
  • Find the maximal distance a flash can light using a given aperture / iso
  • Calculate the minimal camera distance to fit objects of a given size on your photo
  • Use a gray wedge to determine the white balance in you photographs
  • Set the white balance of your camera by a list of color temperatures for common lighting situations
  • Supports metric/imperial units
  • Supports full, half and third stop
  • Database of digital SLRs for simple setup (if your camera is not listed, you can simply choose the film size)
  • Database of common motion picture cameras
  • PhotoBuddy remembers its last state on program termination, so you can continue right where you left
  • Added Support for the new "Micro Four Thirds" Cameras as well as several new Models introduced at Photokina 2008
  • Application allows you to specify a custom film size if your camera is not supported
  • CoC Calculator (based on desired print size, resolution and viewing distance)
  • Change the CoC factor for your cameras to fit your needs
  • Support for ISO values up to 25600 and apertures up to f/1024
  • Bulb Timer: Allows you to take long exposure shots (up to 13 hours) in the bulb mode of your camera
  • Interactive DoF graphic (change the depth of field settings with a flick of your finger)
  • Integrated Bellows expansion exposure compensation calculator
  • Camera presets for Red One and Hasselblad
  • Calculator for the Angle of View
  • Calculator for bracketing settings needed to take HDR (or DRI) shoots
  • Support for filter exposure correction
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