May the media be with you...

Showing off - Features

Media Management
Browse Media
Change Poster/Fanart
Change Rating
Change View-State (seen/unseen)
Remember Last Position
Playback & Browsing
Remote Control PLEX-Clients
Browse in KLEXi, Play in PLEX
View Photos on Device
Play Audio on Device
Background-Audio (iOS 4 and later)
Watch Videos on Device
Watch Videos on External Screen
Change Audio Track
Change Subtitle Track
Direct Stream Support (for better transcoding performance)
TV-Show Theme Support
Shake & Surprise (suggests random Movie or TV-Show)
Download & Play
Download Videos from PLEX, Play in KLEXi
Download Videos from Plugin Sources
Playback local videos on a Plex Mac Client
Plex Store
Install/Manage Plugins
Access Plugin Media (iOS ready plugins only)
Access Restrictions
Hide Movies based on Content Rating
Hide TV-Shows based on Content Rating
Disable Music Sections
Disable Other Plugins
Automatic Setup (LAN)
Auto-Detect running Plex Media Servers (LAN)
Wake up sleeping Machines from KLEXi (if enabled, LAN)
Auto Connect to Server
Device Support
iPhone, iPhone 3G (menu performance may be slow)(•)
iPhone 3G-S, iPhone 4
Retina Display
iPod Touch (before 2009)(•)
iPod Touch (2009 and later)
Firmware Support
iPhone OS 2.x-
iPhone OS 3.x-
iOS 4.x
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