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Questions asked by more than one user

This page offers some answers to questions about KLEXi that were asked frequently. If you experience Problem not covered on this page, please contact us through the support page.

What are the requirements to run KLEXi?

  • Plex/Nine (download here, includes the Plex Media Server)
  • iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iPhone OS 4.0 or higher (please note that performance on devices built before 2009 may not be optimal in some views)
  • An Intel Mac running Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or later. (Transcoding to 720p (designed for iPad and iPhone 4), your CPU needs at least 2.2GHz)

KLEXi does not recognize a running Plex Media Server

There are different reasons for that. Auto-Detection only works when your iOS device and the Media Server are connected to the same network (without a router between them). If that is the case, restarting the Plex Media Server should help.

If you are on different networks, you need to manually configure the server you want to reach.

I forgot the password I used to set up Content Restrictions

Well that is bad. You can not easily reset it. Deleting KLEXi from your device will only make things worse, as this will force KLEXi to set the strictest settings it can think of.

On the screen where you normaly would enter your password, you find a number in the format xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxx. Send this number along with your devices UUID (please read this to find out how to retrieve your UUID) through our support page. We will send you a master password (only works on one device, and only until you change your password) to get to the Content Restriction Screen.

How can I mow the lawn (or how to deactivate the grass overlay)

It is fairly simple to deactivate that gorgeous grass. Simply go to the global preference view (press the gear button when on the server selection screen) and deactivate the "Season Overlay" switch.

How to play back Videos on an external screen

It is really simple. Connect you external Monitor to your iPhone or iPad and start playback of a video like you would if you wanted to watch on the device. KLEXi recognises the external screen and presents the video there. You can still use your device to browse your media while playback is in progress.

You can confirm that KLEXi detected your external screen by going to the global preferences Screen. Underneath the Memory Bar you will find informations about the connected monitor.

KLEXi crashes just before a video finishes playback

Video streamed to an iOS device is segmented into small packets. That ensures that the device will not run out of memory (not disc Memory, but RAM). In some rare occasions the Media Server delivers segements that are too big for KLEXi to handle them resulting in a memory crash. If this happens reproducible, you might want to restart the Plex Media Server.

Videos in the Format *** do not stream

KLEXi can only playback videos the Plex Media Server is able to stream. This include most modern video file formats (like mkv, H264, mpeg2) however there are some restriction (prominently VIDEO_TS, .iso and .rar). Please visit the Plex Forums to find out about supported video formats.

KLEXi crashes.

In most cases this is due to low Memory (not disc Memory, but RAM). If the application crashes frequently you might want to restart your device to free as much memory as possible.

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