The drivers log at the touch of your fingers

Available Features

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  • Records all changes an deletions
  • Exports Log (including all recorded changes/deletions) to PDF
  • Alternative Exports no Numbers or Excel
  • Supports multiple Vehicles
  • Stores multiple Waypoints per Trip
  • Each waypoint stores the date, a description, any notes you would like to take and the odometer value
  • Mark trips as private or business
  • Store gas or service stops for each waypoint as well as other expenses (like tolls)
  • Drivers allows you to manage templates for recurring trips
  • Per trip statistics (gas Consumption, time driven, time paused, cost of the trip, ... )
  • View consumption and cost statistics for each gas stop
  • A wealth of per vehicle statistics (like the total cost per day, or the mileage per day or the gas consumption or ... )
  • Drivers will warn you 20 days before the next service inspection is due
  • You can visualize your data on the iphone in a variety of graphs
  • When you have set up a eMail account on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can send the data you entered to your mac or pc and process it with Numbers or Excel
  • Support for metric and imperial units
  • Manage up to 31 different kinds of services
  • Date filter for eMail export
  • Date filter for the trip view table (if enabled in the settings view)
  • Deletion of recorded trips/waypoints
  • "QuickAdd" - allows adding new trips as fast as possible
  • "Auto Locations" - determins your current location from you current position (GPS enabled device only)
  • Sortable location templates (by either usage count, name or distance to current position)
  • Automatic system time validation
  • Backup export (WebServer required to restore backups)
  • Number pad to enter odometer values in the classic waypoint editor (you need to turn it on in the settings screen)
  • "New Trip"-Button can be configured to show the OneClick-View
  • manual available
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